County Plan Will Have 2020 Vision if Supervisors Stay the Course Society of Professional Journalists Award San Diego Daily Transcript "... at the request of a few property owners, the Supervisors will consider whether to change course from the smart growth principles used by their working group by shifting uses for as many as 20,000 thousand pristine acres to one and two acre ranchettes." September 22 , 2004
From Municipal Bonds to Bail Bonds San Diego Daily Transcript " appears that for any San Diego public official to need a bailbondsman, an investigation would have to uncover evidence that someone personally profited from the [bond disclosure] omission, that the worth of the city bonds would have declined if the pension problem was disclosed, and that immediate action was not taken to fix the problem." February 24, 2004
A Way to Revive the City of Villages San Diego Union-Tribune "...only in a Village of Idiots would a little camel pass for the real thing." March 13, 2003

Paving Paradise Along Torrey Pines State Beach
San Diego Press Club Award

San Diego Union-Tribune " old George III, city engineers have their heads in the sands of Torrey Pines and are determined to proceed without a full environmental impact report." July 4, 2002
SR56 Will Fail Commuters San Diego Union-Tribune

"...Like the merchandise hawked by the venerable yuppie clothes chain, whose stock  plummeted 75% this quarter because of consumer distaste for icky clothes designs, a new Caltrans study confirms that SR56 is expensive and will not fit its most important customers, adults who work."

March 28, 2002
Mayor Murphy's City of Villages: A Never-Neverland Kind of Plan San Diego Union-Tribune

"Somewhere over the rainbow in a San Diego long ago, single-family homes, safe cul-du-sacs, wide boulevards and car friendly shopping centers were the stuff of planners' dreams. And then came Mayor Murphy's City of Villages."

January 10, 2002
A Note to the Taliban Calgary Herald, Bergen Record, North County Times, Columbus Dispatch, San Diego Union-Tribune "Good morning brother Taliban from the suburbs of Carmel Valley, California. I must decline your kind offer of protection from the evils of objectification proliferating around our community." October 19, 2001
Youngsters exposed early to adult fare Los Angeles Daily News Just in case federal regulators think there is a future in controlling the entertainment industry’s assault on America’s children, I offer this reality check from the suburbs — there is no childhood here and there hasn’t been for quite some time. September 23, 2000
Starbucks has no place for messy things Public Radio: Marketplace "Commentator and former political candidate Lisa Ross takes a look at free speech and the way it's being squeezed out of today's coffee shop culture." David Broncoccio
August 14, 2000
Carmel Valley Taking a Bad Rap North County Times "We thought migrant camps were history, and the tensions between Rancho Penasquitos' neighbors and migrant workers had disappeared, with a decent dose of good public policy. Now we know that small camps still exist, with the tacit approval of agricultural employers ญญ not a good thing, but hardly the cause of this recent act of racial violence." August 9, 2000

Road Blocks in the Way of SR56

with Erik Bruvold

San Diego Union-Tribune "It's taken 20 years to cobble together funding from multiple sources, to approve an environmentally friendly route and to get a public vote." May 4, 2000
A Stunning Court Decision Perils Route 56 Completion
San Diego Press Club Award
San Diego Union-Tribune "Of all the reasons San Diego's freeways are increasingly clogged, add to them a group of dying Eucalyptus trees in Orange County." December 24, 1999
Roadkill in Our Debates Over Growth San Diego Union-Tribune "Reviving dead-end roads is a trip to nowhere." November 4, 1999

East Village could be a cultural mecca
with Mike Stepner

San Diego Business Journal The glistening potential of our acclaimed San Diego Opera is stifled by a civic center auditorium fit for second-tier road shows and high school graduations. February 5, 1999
MSCP is a Winner in San Diego County San Diego Union-Tribune "The MSCP received its most powerful validation to date by the voters who rejected strict growth restrictions in favor of balanced planning. As a result, negotiations around the principles of balancing development with habitat and open-space preservation will be the San Diego way into the next century." November 12, 1998
Uncommon coalition plans San Diego's future
w/Mike Madigan
San Diego Business Journal "There is no way to overstate the significance of this peace treaty." October 30, 1998
San Diego's MSCP Works Under Fire San Diego Union-Tribune "When war is your only business, the last thing you want is a lasting peace treaty. That's why hold-outs from the old environmental war days on both sides of San Diego's land use battles want to scuttle the Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP), a national model for balancing open space
conservation and development that is keeping land use planning out of the courts."
August 6, 1998
Women mind their own business: Clinton & Lewinsky Christian Science Monitor

"For the majority of American women, Clinton has never betrayed their quest for equality in advancement, achievement, and opportunity. The rest they leave to the privacy of his relationship with his wife, which is all any of us would ask. The consensus around the beauty shop was simple: Clinton has stayed out of our bedrooms, we should stay out of his."

February 5, 1998
A Threat to our Conservation Plan San Diego Union-Tribune "MSCP is more a process than a plan on paper -- its successes are the result of unusual coalitions between former adversaries. The sudden burst of angst from some environmental groups reflects a persistent unease that MSCP is a"developers plan" designed more around political expediency than sound biology." January 28 , 1999
Something's Rotten in the State of Del Mar San Diego Union-Tribune "...But with a planning process as mucked up as this one, even the best of ideas for this 14 acres likely will, like Hamlet's dear Ophelia, end up floating face-down in the San Dieguito River." May 13 , 1999
Follow through on area planning San Diego Union-Tribune Communities should not have to choose among recreational facilities, schools and cops when they pay mightily for them. June 5, 1997
Dragging a Dream through the Mud San Diego Union-Tribune "Park advocates and elected officials on the JPA have been called effete flatlanders, elitist coastal yuppies, defilers of the Fifth Amendment and Bolsheviks." July 6, 1995
A New Threat to Habitat Peace San Diego Union-Tribune "Without leadership, MSCP will become just another four letter-word in a property-rights world, a victim to ideology over common sense." September 7, 1995
Bringing Music Back to our Schools San Diego Union-Tribune The San Dieguito area is home to arguably the most wasteful school organizational structure in the county." March 27, 1999
Salvaging an ill-advised housing project San Diego Union-Tribune "The issue of low-cost housing -- specifically Carmel Valley's $6.5 million project -- may be one many of us would rather just go away. But it won't, and there are important concerns of community control and wasted tax dollars that cry out to be addressed." May 4, 1995
Special tax districts are a tough sell San Diego Union-Tribune Special assessment districts should thrive in today's politically
conservative atmosphere. The principle is simple: If a community wants an amenity, such as a new park, extra palm trees or an identity sign, the community foots the bill.
July 27, 1997
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